A Guide to AI-Driven Intelligent Websites

A Guide to AI-Driven Intelligent Websites

This is a completely human-written article. As of writing (June 2023), there is no concept / industry-wide prevalent name for an intelligent website or an AI-driven webstore. For the purposes of discussion in this article, these will refer to them as Intellisite(s) and Intellistore(s).

An intelligent / AI-driven website / Intellisite refers to a website that is managed by an artificial intelligence (AI) to provide enhanced functionalities. These websites go beyond static HTML-based websites by 1. leveraging data analysis to gain a deep understanding of user fulfillment and 2. tailoring their interface and functionalities for every user.

At the dawn of this millenium - the year 2000 - any random business website would be a HTML, CSS, Javascript driven and be driven by a web server. You might be surprised to know that even in the last two decades - which is an eon in technology, the standard business website hasn't changed much. Today any random website would be either a standard HTML website, or driven by wordpress, or a SAAS platform like Wix or Shopify. But the technology behind them is almost the same as it was in the year 2000.

But all this is about to rapidly change. By the year 2025, it is estimated that 15% websites would be powered by AI, and by the year 2030, it would be almost 100%: it is believed that AI-based websites will completely replace standard websites in just a short-while, because AI-based websites offer massive advantages over traditionally-powered websites.

Advantages of an Intellisite over traditional websites.

  1. Much better User experience: The difference between a Starbucks and a coffee vending machine is just the experience - even though in both cases you get the same product, your feelings and comfort is of high importance to a Starbucks experience, and they take minute care of how they interact with you. The brand colors, the coffee aromas, the smoothness of the drink, the smile of the server, the softness of the chairs, the overall welcomeness of the atmosphere - all these are designed to make you feel good. This is why Starbucks wins over standard shops - Starbucks is selling an experience and is able to command higher margins as well as user satisfaction, while the shops are selling stuff and are stuck competing with others on margins.

    An AI-based website is like an intelligent concierge designed to amplify your brand experience. It is designed to make you feel good while also maximizing the profitability of your brand. It does so like a concierge - by first understanding your needs and preferences, and then tailoring the experience to your needs. Both of these things cannot be accomplished by traditional websites, which are just glorified brochures. And when you couple these with intelligently-curated personalized offers and gifts, the experience simply cannot be matched by traditional websites.

  2. Improved Conversion Rates: If the same number of people land on an Intellisite vs. a traditional site, conversion should be higher in an Intellisite because it provides higher interactivity over targeted content. Have you ever gone in a shop and found that there was nobody in the shop to help you? What did you do? You looked at the products for some time while waiting for somebody to show up, but after some time of waiting, most people simply leave never to return. This is the difference between a person landing on an Intellisite and a traditional site. With targeted content, an Intellisite can increase conversion rates by offering users what they are more likely to be interested in. This can result in higher sales, subscriptions, or desired actions.

  3. Enhanced Profitability: Having an Intellisite is like having an online business manager who is always working to improve your business. You just uploaded new products, and the Intellisite already has sent out targeted emails to those customers it thinks are the perfect buyers for this merchandise, posted it on social media, and updated your website. Automation of tasks such as customer support or content generation can save time and reduce costs. AI technologies can handle repetitive or mundane tasks, allowing human resources to focus on more complex or creative aspects of website management.

  4. Revolutionary new way of business via upstream business interactions: We predict that AI technology will drive a relentless pursuit to remove all middlemen, and most businesses will become managed by online intellisites. These intellisites will be trading and procuring using AI and also getting quotes and order estimates from their customers based on their feedback of the merchandise about to be procured. This new segment of trading bots / intellisites will enhance business possibilities of Intellisites over traditional websites which are aimed towards humans and cannot perform upstream-business interactions at the speed of an eye blink. This will be a revolutionary new business function which is not even performed by brands today.

How does an Intellisite work?

The AI industry is currently rapidly evolving and as of now we do not have a clear implementation of an Intellisite. But several implementations of this are possible:

  1. Using AI to generate a simple text-based interactive website. Sample
  2. Using AI to generate the UI of a simple website. Various implementations are available in the industry, but all of them are generating static websites using AI. As of today, we do not know of any implementation which creates dynamic content which can adapt to particular users.
  3. Using AI to generate the UI of a complex system (an ecommerce website for example), which includes deciding what to show to whom, and how to show.
  4. Using AI as a completely autonomous online business manager which can take data feeds from other Intellisites / Business Bots, negotiate based on estimated volumes, make the purchase / sign a contract, decide to promote the product to specific customers, take orders, interact with the fulfillment center, and finally request feedback from the client after some time.

How can you implement AI in your business


AI algorithms need a lot of data to make inferences about user behavior. Start your journey of accumulating that data today.


Use AI to deeply understand the data, and start making predictions. Once the predictions are good, implement the AI to go live.


Maintain your AI to not just keep up with rapid advances, but also to become smarter over time using more data accumulation.

As outlined above, the implementation of AI in your business is not straightforward. First we need to embark on the path of acquiring tonnes of customer interactions. Then we need to tune our algorithm to understand the data and provide workable predictions. Once the AI is consistently able to predict correct and acceptable steps to be taken for a business scenario, we employ it to start handling our live business under technical oversight and maintenance, so that the AI works correctly, and is also able to adapt to new requirements.

Zimeshare: How we can help

If you are looking for an agency to help your business adapt to the new AI era, Zimeshare can help you. Machine Learning Models are like black boxes - even if we can see its contents we still cannot understand how it is working. Currently Machine Learning and AI is at this stage. Prior to ChatGPT, no AI algorithm (including GPT2 and GPT3), could sustainably provide acceptable outcomes. With the advent of ChatGPT, AI adoption has entered a new era and businesses are running towards it with all their strength, since early adopters may become big winners. To embrak on the journey, Zimeshare can guide you step by step, and provide with you with custom solutions to accumulate your data, analyze it, and then train the ML algorithm to provide outputs, which can be converted to business outcomes. This process is slow and has a lot of challenges, but we need to get started TODAY if we want to adapt to this new era.