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Even in this age of online business processes eating up all offline markets, most businesses are not using software effectively. We are entering a AI-powered 'competitive software' age in which businesses with better automated workprocesses will simply win over competition.

Zimeshare provides a disruptive new way of partnering / outsourcing: Our service is structured as monthly subscription to a fraction of time / timeshare of our experts, and is an ideal solution for companies looking to get custom software created and expertly maintained for the long-term.

Our services are ideal for aggressive companies who want their software to be their superpower against competition, and are looking for a long-term, flexible, and cost-effective IT partner.

We are a team of specialists who believe in providing proper customer service. We specialize in AI, Laravel, Flutter and SEO only.

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Platform as a Service

Enablr is a powerful custom-built ecommerce plaform for businesses who wish to outgrow the limitations of standard ecommerce platforms, and are looking for excellent support and reliability.

AI Development


We enable our clients to become AI-enabled by helping automating their workflows, collecting business data and using it in machine learning algorithms, and building software that can leverage that data to outcompete and win.

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Our expertise was forged in fire.

Zimeshare is the brainchild of Gaurav Verma, who also founded RedRock Digimark, a globally renowned IT brand. Since 2011, our team members have worked with multiple startups with very complex demands in exceedingly agile environments.

But our hearts yearned for serving the people who really needed our help the most. We personally knew many small and large businesses who struggled with online business, because they did not have a team that is knowledgeable, affordable and reliable. Either they had in-house members with ineffective knowledge, or outsourced to agencies which didn't deliver value for money. Most businesses end up just building a website as an online brochure, and never fully utilizing the power of the internet to advance their business.

Zimeshare was born from a passionate desire to serve clients for the long-term. We keep up with developing trends and provide affordable software solutions that make our clients succeed.

Years of experience

Minimum hands-on coding experience of our senior leadership.

Saving over agencies

Over fixed quotes of leading SEO and website agencies.

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